Some updates

Guess what was in the mail today?  The tickets! The Post Office returned them even though the address is exactly the same on the receipt, business card, and what the man confirmed over the phone! And because they took TWO WEEKS to do it, we’re screwed, because now we can’t clame they were stolen or lost!

After all this, maybe it won’t surprise people to hear I’ve been having bad problems with my stomach. Tonight, the doctor said I’ve got bad acid reflux and my stomach lining is badly inflamed.  I’m on a bland diet and medication for 3 weeks.  Hopefully, that’ll take care of it.

Last update: my aunt is home from the hospital.  She needs live-in care for about 7 weeks; right now, 2 of my sisters are breaking up the first week between them, and then the live-in nurse will come in.  I told DeeDee that if she gets tired of that, I’d be willing to come stay there and she can just get day help.

I’m trying to focus on this good thing.  I’m trying — and no Yoda jokes!

Do or Do not!  There is no try!


One response to “Some updates

  1. I cannot believe your tickets showed up yesterday. Just lousy luck I guess. (I have plain old oatmeal at my desk if that is on your bland diet and you’re hungry)

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