National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week!

It’s National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week! This year’s theme is “Shelters Rock!”, where music artists like Carrie Underwood are helping us spread the message about the important work that shelters do.

I work with two different shelters:

I directly volunteer with Oasis Animal Sanctuary in Monroe Township, NJ.   We rescue more than dogs and cats; we’ve rescued abused farm animals as well including horse, goats, and a couple of pot belly pigs.  We were buying a farm for our animals, but unfortunately, the deal fell through.  We’re relying totally on foster homes as we find “furrever” homes for our animals.

I do the website for Salem County Humane Society, obviously in Salem County NJ.  They do have a facility where their dogs and cats live until they are adopted.  Both of these shelters are no-kill, and both have the pets get all their shots and neutered so the new home does not.  Adoption fees help the shelters cover these costs as well as food (the horses at Oasis, for example, needs LOTS of hay which is expensive); even so, the adoption fees are a quarter of what a new pet owner would pay in vet bills.

So see what you can do to help these shelters:

  • donate a bag of food
  • a couple of bucks can go a long way.  Any shelter’s site will tell you how to donate.  You can even sponsor an animal.  You understand that, right?  I don’t need to get Sally Struthers to come here and explain how, for the price of a cup of coffee, you can sponsor a helpless animal, do I?
  • (*cough* buy a lottery ticket from me in the next couple of weeks *cough*)
  • check out the big sites like Humane Society or ASPCA.  Sign up for their newsletters so you can see what laws are being fought to get help for animals, like fighting the puppy mills.
  • Here’s a very simple way to help out: Go the The Animal Rescue Site and just click on the button.  Costs you nothing, but sponsors donate money and supplies to shelters.

The world only becomes a better place if you do even a little something to make it that way.


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