Funny dog pictures are funny!

After all, it’s right there in the name: funny dog pictures.

Cute has given me a lot of laughs and a lot of heartwarming moments.  It is wildly successful, and it’s earn every bit of that success.  It picks up a bad day, and makes a good one even better.

So when I found I Has A Hot Dog, it was fantastic.  It focuses solely on dogs, unlike CO, but it also has captioning from the readers.  In fact, it’s the readers’ captions for pictures that make the site so good.

You can also vote on how much you like the picture and caption. Like CO, the dogs have their own speak; in fact, that’s what created the site’s title.

I need this dog to visit my house:

It’s a shame how violence has elevated in the country.  Imagine the grief of this family:

I took a pet CPR and first aid class in May.  I’m glad to see the pets are taking the Human CPR class too.  Fair is fair.

This next one sums up how Casey felt when we got Elphie:

And this sums up their feelings on this subject too:

It took me a second to find the dog in this picture:

I thought it was a towel that dropped on the floor at first.

And like CO, there’s poignant, heartwarming photos that make you go

Obviously, I could go on like this all day, but…

…. okay, you convinced me.  One more:

This dog has been around John too much and learned his backseat driver’s ways:

So, need a smile?  Who doesn’t?  That was I Has A Hot Dog and Cute  Be prepared to spend a lot of time grinning!


4 responses to “Funny dog pictures are funny!

  1. Those are to cute. I am a dog owner and post my pup on my site sometimes so I am a sucker for doggy cuteness.

  2. Great pictures…Thanks for sharing

  3. I am completely addicted to I Has a Hotdog (as well as the original cat version, I Can Has Cheezburger). I certainly can’t compete with them, but here’s a pretty hilarious photo of my Westie, Mr. Henry:

    I can imagine him saying “I said NO PHOTOGRAPHY!”

  4. “I can imagine him saying “I said NO PHOTOGRAPHY!””

    Perfect caption!! “I’ve had it with you paparazzi!” LOL!

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