Donate Used Children

That’s the title of the notice I just received.  Wouldn’t that be great?  The little buggers are getting on your nerves, telling you what a bad parent you are if you don’t buy the latest $1,985 Wii system, and you think, “They need workers in underdeveloped countries!  It’ll be a learning experience for them!”

But actually, the full title, once you open the announcement is:

Donate Used Children’s DVD’s & Video Games

A KinderCare center in Voorhees, NJ is supporting Virtua’s Pediatric Unit this month with donations of used DVD’s and Video games for the children in their care.   From the flyer:

With many of us getting rid of old unused toys from our children in preparation for the Holidays, this is a great opportunity to give to ill children while cleaning out your home.

We will end our drive on November 28th.  We did a book drive for that was highly appreciated!

They will take any used children’s DVD or any type of used game unit game.  Put your donation in the treasure box in front of the office.

Here is the information for the KinderCare:

Center Director: Jennifer Gucciardi
1000 Voorhees Dr.
Suite A
Voorhees, NJ 08043
Open: 6:45 AM to 6:15 PM
Monday – Friday
Email them through this form

This is a great cause and it costs you nothing; so if you live in the Voorhees, NJ area, please consider donating family movies and games.  Thank you!


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