Have Mickey or a Disney Princess call you!

Disney’s Enchanted Call is a great little service.  For $2.50, you have a Disney character like Mickey Mouse call a child with a special message.  I did it yesterday for my little friend Sophia’s fourth birthday.  The service emails the parent first (if it isn’t the parent who is scheduling it) to let them know it’s going to happen and who has scheduled it.  The parent can cancel the call if they wish or reschedule it.

Anyway, I was on the line when Mickey Mouse called; Becky put me on hold and then at the end of the call, she quickly switched lines so I could hear.

Sophia: Thank you, Mickey! Bye…. (realizing he’s hung up, she said excitedly to Becky) It was Mickey!  He called me for my birthday!!

Becky then got back on the phone to say that Sophia was bouncing around the house, all fired up that Mickey Mouse called her.  Becky also said the call was pretty good.  He knew she was four and it had pauses in there that fit naturally for her to respond.  Something like this:

Mickey: Happy Birthday, pal!  I hear you’re 4 today! (pause)

Sophia: Thank you, Mickey!

Mickey: And you’re celebrating your big day with your family, right? (Pause)

Sophia: We’re going to Chuckee Cheese!

Mickey: I remember a time (he tells her a story about his birthday and Goofy making the cake).  You have a great birthday, pal!

And so on.

Best $2.50 I ever spent.

I’ve used this before with Sophia.  Mickey has called to say he hoped she’ll have a good vacation, and to wish her good night.  I also used on adults for the fun of it; I had it call Becky’s dad, who worked as an Imagineer, to have Mickey wish him good morning on his big trip!  I got an email: I know YOU were behind that!  And I had Mickey call John once to wish him good night; his reaction: WTF was that?!

You choose from 11 characters:

  • Mickey
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Tigger
  • Ariel
  • Mulan
  • Cinderella
  • Snow White
  • Jasmine
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Belle
  • Pocahontas

One person complained that they don’t have “newer” characters, but the service was made years ago and I guess they don’t get enough traffic to upgrade it.

After the character, you choose from 6 messages:

  • Birthday
  • Congratulations
  • Good night
  • Holiday greeting
  • Encouragement
  • Good morning

Each one then has selections: for the birthday, as an example, I picked Sophia’s age and who she was celebrating with.  You then schedule the time.  It can be right away or a set time.  If the call doesn’t go through, you will get an email so you re-schedule the call, or even change what type it is; you won’t be billed another $2.50 for it either.  And they’ll keep trying; it once took me 5 tries to get it through.

It’s a great little service.  I highly recommend it.


23 responses to “Have Mickey or a Disney Princess call you!

  1. Can Mickey call me in the middle of a meeting at work to get me out of it?

    Mickey: Good morning, pal! Hope you have a great birthday!
    Me: (to meeting) oh God… I HAVE to take this call! Someone take notes for me!

  2. >Can Mickey call me in the middle of a meeting at work to get me >out of it?

    You know it! If you’re willing to have the John Blackwell version of Mickey to call!

  3. I am a grandmother of three and have used these calls several times… even for adult family members and friends. I think they are great and seem to be enjoyed by the recipients!

    My only suggestion would be that you change to have more characters and a little more variety in choosing messages (especially birthdays). I would highly recommend this site! It will put a smile on your face, be it adult or child.

  4. Could I have a call to the UK for mu daughters party?

    • Julia, I don’t know. I would try setting it up on the site. Do it in advance and see if you get the confirmation call. I hope it works because that would be an exciting gift!!!


  6. I would like to have Cinderella call my granddaughter. We were just at Disney and she really misses Cinderella. How do I go about doing this? Thank you, Marilyn Fuller

    • Hi, Marilyn!

      It’s pretty easy. Go to the link: Disney Enchanted Calls

      2: Pick Cinderella

      3: Pick basic reason for the call. Having Cinderella wish your granddaughter Good Night or Good Morning is a good basic call.

      4: answer the rest of the questions like your relationship to the child, YOUR birthday, when you want the call to be made and so on.

      5: Ask her parents before hand when is a good time for the call to come, so they’re home. And tell them that the call will have a 407 area code so they’re not thrown off.

      6: It will ask for the child’s name and your name. This last one is used to tell the kid who set up the call. So put in Nana or whatever she calls you OR put in Mickey or Fairy Godmother as a treat.

      You’ll get an email confirming the call and then another one when they make the call letting you know if it was successful or not.

      Good luck!

  7. I found the “Enchanted Calls” site a few weeks ago as I was searching for ideas for my daughter’s Disney-themed birthday party. I’ve been really excited about being able to have Mickey call her during her party; however, I realized today when I went to set it up that they do not place calls to our state. Does anyone know if there is another site or a way around this? We live in a tri-state area, so there may be a possibility of having an out-of-state cell phone number- depending upon who is coming to the party.

  8. please get this to be my tomorrow

  9. I love it, too, and have scheduled it twice for my daughter. The only problem is that the Aurora voice sounds nothing like Aurora, and that’s my daughter’s favorite (of course!). The voice they’re using sounds so much older than the young Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.

  10. How sad, I just tried to do this and it’s not available to residents in WA. BUMMER

  11. Hey Ethan Robbie Kaley hope you had a great trip at disneyworld bye

  12. Can you call me mickey

  13. You actually made some excellent items with ur post, “Have Mickey or a Disney Princess call you!
    | Laughs and Rants from My Inner Child”. I am going to be coming to your
    web-site before long. Many thanks -Yasmin

  14. ariel is my favorite!

  15. i am obsessed with Ariel a whole lot! I have a large poster of her in my room and i always kiss her on the lips with nothing on and i rub my soft cheek up and down where her arm is leaving an oily spot that glows when my light is on. One time i caught my friend autumn lujan kissing my ariel poster real loud without any clothes on and i went up to her naked to hold her hand and we both licked the poster.

  16. grant mcenhill

    Are these calls still in service, if so can can you call the UK, mu 3 year old is just about to become a big sister and it would be a great boost if she spoke to one of her favourite characters.

  17. It looks like it’s US only. 😦 They have this for the UK, but it’s bedtime only. http://family.disney.co.uk/bedtime/bedtime-call

  18. 45jefason rad Bradford ct

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