Let’s hear it for the naughty bits!

This post is going to discuss “parts”: boy “parts” and girl “parts”.  It’ll do so in a very tasteful way, no nasty language or bad pictures.  However, if discussing “naughty bits” bothers you at all, I’ll understand if you leave now.

If you were hoping for nasty language and pictures, I’ll also understand if you leave now.

Now, for the one person who is still reading this because you’re too tired to hit the Back button:

I have a story to tell about two people; let’s say their names are “Athena” and “Ajax”.  Yesterday morning, “Athena” was getting ready for work and realized she hadn’t brought up the clean laundry from the family room.  So she grabbed her clothes and went there to get clean underwear.  As she dressed, she decided it would be funny if she went back to the bedroom with just her top on, no pants but dress shoes, to see what comment “Ajax” would make.

She walked in and right away, he looked like he had some really good comment to make.  Wrong.  He talked about other things, and she stalled for time until he finally would say something.  Finally:

“Athena”: No comment about my outfit?

He stared, paused, and really thought about it.  Then:

“Ajax”: Hey, you don’t have any pants on!

[The following paragraph uses “medical” jargon for people’s “parts”.  Just warning you again.]

Like “Athena” said: that’s just wrong!  If Miss Cooch is out there, fresh from the shower, clean and cute, you should notice!  Because “Athena” certainly notices whenever his Whoo Hoo is Born Free, as it were.  No one is saying that every time has to lead to wink-wink-nudge-nudge something, but it shouldn’t have to pointed out to anyone.

And it wasn’t because “Ajax” was too tired to notice, because, a few minutes after this all happened, he got all excited when he saw that Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan was on.  So he was awake to notice that scrolling by!

So let’s all take a lesson from “Athena” and “Ajax”: if your partner’s “parts” are out there, even casually, give them a friendly acknowledgment.

This post was approved by Dr. Ruth Westheimer whose web site is very tastefully titled: Get Some!


3 responses to “Let’s hear it for the naughty bits!

  1. I’m still laughing my a$$ off three days later! I blogged about it.

  2. I am laughing too—on the inside.

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