Update on vacation blog

First, thank you to everyone who voted on the vacation blog designs!  I appreciate the feedback.  I decided to go ahead and do a blog for this trip, because I had gotten excited about it.  If you are someone who prefers Twitter, both blogs – this and the vacation one – feed to my twitter account so you’ll see posts there.

The votes were close when I added the ones from here to the ones on tagrel.  So!  I went back to the design board and combined the best elements from both designs into a new one.  You can see the results on http://disneyfest.blogspot.com/ if you’re interested.  If you do go to see it, please scroll to the bottom to see the footer graphic.  I think it turned out well!

Our friends, Gary and Carol, are setting up a wi-fi router; the last time we talked about, I was chipping in on the costs and hopefully having Internet on the trip!  That means I can post more AND hopefully have the webcam, at least for every once in a while.   I’d really like to get people on our Fort Wilderness Lights and Dogs tour on the webcam!  You’ll see a link to the webcam page on the blog in the right hand column.

Like last year, I’ll post live from my phone with text, photos, and video. So you’ll have that to see if nothing else while I’m away!

And really if nothing else: I can feel Steve Allen cursing me already.  And I love it!  (He also has every reason to curse; when he was on vacation, he called us from Trails End Restaurant, one of my hubby’s favorites.  John said, with all due manly fondness of course: “Jerkoff”.)


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