Finish that overpacking! And then tuck me in!

It’s been so busy this past week, getting things packed, having the show, and trying to do SOMETHNG done for Christmas.  I made myself nuts and had a good, old fashioned freak out — modernly referred to as an anxiety attack — when things were falling apart.  But after I got a hold of feeling out of control, I also realized I had done the usual imagining things a certain way, and freaked when the picture didn’t match anymore.

Basically, it means we NEED a break!  What a crappy year this is and we have to get away.  More than anything, I’m looking forward to being with John, relaxing in Fort Wilderness with the dogs, and having laughs with our friends.  I want all the perks that we hope to have, but let us get there and back safely, and I will be happy.

Oh, and eating a lot.  And our golf cart. And an internet connection…  And if win the free vacations for life….

I’ll see you back here on the 21st or so!


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