I’m baaack!!

We had a fantastic vacation, but unfortunately, we got sick when we were home with severe colds.  It even interfered with our holiday plans.  We couldn’t see John’s family on Christmas Eve which we hated having to give up!  But we felt so bad, we could, at most, get up for about an hour or so.  We couldn’t do the drive and the dinner.  Sniff…..

My sister-in-law sent us pictures from her cell phone of her son Connor holding up a sign saying Merry Christmas and her daughter Kylie all dressed for Christmas, coming out of a present!  That helped.

We didn’t even get our outside decorations up after we got home.   John did put a red light bulb in the socket by the door; he calls it the Red Star of Christmas.

John:  It’s a story in the Bible.  ‘And verily, a red light did descend on the place, so the shepherds could find–

Me: The whorehouse.

John (laughing): Exactly!

We did have a nice Christmas night; we had dinner then drove around looking at Christmas lights.  It was a beautiful way to spend the night together…. before we had to go back to swigging cough syrup with an Ibprofen chaser.

I haven’t even been online, so I’m waay behind on email.  Thanks to everyone who followed our vacation blog!  I’ll be posting pictures and a trip report very soon (I hope).  Meanwhile, here’s just a handful of pictures, taken by the PhotoPass photographers:

You can also look at this slide show from our Capture the Magic, the photo scavenger hunt, team.

And an extra one of John getting mugged by another team for his temporary Disney tattoo:

I’ll be catching up with everyone.  Promise!


One response to “I’m baaack!!

  1. Welcome back and great pics!!

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