Christmas village: Dickens, Disney, and beyond

When I first moved out on my own, I picked up some inexpensive holiday village houses.  I actually put a set on lay away (remember lay away?), and then tried to add a house or some item to it.    It was pretty traditional.

When John and I got married,  someone gave me a couple Disney pieces, which was wonderful, and then we also bought some of the Simpsons village, and from there,  things exploded.  Especially fun was John would wait until I was done setting it up and for creativity to strike to add his own touches.  Each year, he puts in something as the mood strikes him; I never know what it’ll be.  One year, it was the Beatles in their Yellow Submarine; another year, it was Mr. Spock, then a giant otter, and another was a nativity with an American flag for the goofballs who act like Jesus was white, American, and Protestant.  Some of these things stay, others are just for that year.

So now, the village is not only large, it’s eclectic and I love it!  I have a little backstory for the whole thing, even its oddities.  We have four new pieces this year!

Here’s photos of it.  Some are from 2007, followed by updates for 2008.  If you mouse over the photo, its title will show up. If you want to torture yourself with the village backstory,  see the full photos on Flickr.


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