Here we go again….

My stepfather is giving us our mom’s things on Sunday. There’s a few interesting points.

First off, my sister Cheryl arranged this and told the family about it so they could be there on Sunday — except me.  Cathi had to forward all the email because I wasn’t included.  We’re guessing Cheryl thinks I’m still fighting with Ralph — despite me doing everything to go clear things up and all the times I’ve said I’ve talked to him.  Go figure.  She didn’t call my sister Mary by the right name either, so I’m probably ahead of the game.

Second, her husband Art suggested this system to avoid cries of being unfair.

He wants to put every thing in boxes, and number them.  We each get a number, and put it in a drawing for each box.  The number is drawn, and winner gets that box.  Losers (if more than one) can then put in another box.

Weird, but okay.   I don’t know what happens if you would rather something other than what you get — my Mom was going to give me her wedding band, as an example, from when she was married to my dad.

I had mentioned to Terry and Cathi that we needed to think of a way to delicately ask about something that belonged to the family but wasn’t in the boxes.  And if someone got one thing that didn’t mean as much to them as another, how we could act like mature people and peacefully handle it.

This morning, when nothing had been said about these things, I asked everyone again.  Gerry started with “let’s not lose the family over this” and how it’s Mom’s fault that Ralph and his kids may screw us over.  Then Cathi said I was wrong on some things, and when I replied that I was only repeating what she and Ralph had said, she sent me a very nasty email.that message topic.

I’m tired of this whole thing.  Ugh.


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