We’re taking names and kicking–

I finally had enough and went to the doctor’s last night.  Making the appointment ended up being perfect timing because on top of the congestion and coughing, my sinuses crashed on the way home, making me dizzy and extremely tired.  I had to put the window down so I didn’t fall asleep.

Apparently I have that guy from the Mucinex commercials moved into my chest along with his family and friends.   Also apparently, they’re not practicing protection and escalated everything to an infection.

And I was even taking Mucinex this whole time!  I suspect some kind of duplicity here: I take Mucinex…. Blobby and his friends almost go away, but come back in force so I take more Mucinex, sales skyrocket.

Yes, skyrocket!  I’ve been fighting this thing since December 17th!

But I am not known for my ninja skills for nothing!

I’m getting armed with antiobiotics and some heavy duty cough medicine (sorry DayQuil, I won’t be buying more of you.  Blame Mucinex for signing a long term lease with the Green Blobby family.)

Now because sitting in a doctor’s waiting room is enough of a bore that a simple case of congestion infection…

(Now I have Conjunction Junction running through my head.   No wonder my ears are stuffed up. )….

anyway, since congestion is not enough to make the wait worth it, my body decided to shove a rib out of place in my back.  From the coughing.  Yippee.

It’s nothing major; it’s just a bit of alignment and doesn’t bother a lot.  Mostly it’s when  I cough….

but I’m armed with PRESCRIPTION drugs now!  Blobby’s days are numbered. 

By the way, John was a sweetheart.  He took me to the doctor’s last night so I didn’t have to drive when I was feeling so cruddy.  And the other day when I had forgotten something in the car and he saw me having to go out into the bitter cold, aching with a headache & small fever, coughing … even though he was already comfy in bed, when I said:

Me: Here I go, out into the cold!

He immediately called out:  Wear a coat!


3 responses to “We’re taking names and kicking–

  1. Oh my god! *hug*
    Hope you feel better . . .

  2. Flash from Tagrel

    Wow, I hope you wore gloves and a hat, too. Can’t be too careful. 🙂

  3. Thats my brother so thoughtful..he didnt want you to catch a cold…LOL…hope you are feeling a little better..be well sis!

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