My dog Morgan is in the hospital

If you’re not a pet person, you don’t want to read any further.  I got nothing for you this time.

Morgan has been sick for a day; she couldn’t keep even water down.  Last night, if I kept her from eating or drinking a lot, but something small, it was okay, although not her normal health.  But this morning, Saturday, she kept coughing and was sick more.  I called the vet; our normal one couldn’t take us, but Hammonton was able to squeeze us in.

Keep in mind I was supposed to be at Deptford Petco with Oasis animal shelter.  I called the other volunteer who was working it with me and let her know I’d be late.  I figured go to the vet, get Morgan something for her stomach bug and go right to Petco, if Morgan was up to it.  So I had the shelter van; they dropped it off Friday night.

But at the vet, they said it wasn’t stomach, but thought it was pneumonia or cancer.  They took her for tests and I paced the tiny room for over half an hour.  In the end, they said she had mild pneumonia.  Trouble was: she was now dehydrated and couldn’t keep down a pill.  She had to be hospitalized for IVs.

But it didn’t stop there.

X-rays showed she had a rare condition called mega esophagus.  Her esophagus was sagging; the “muscles” couldn’t move her food down to her stomach anymore.  Water that she drank built up in the esophagus, like in a sac, and cold, I guess, led to the pneumonia.  She would have to eat mushy foods from now on and from a sitting position.  I can do that. BUT!  Thyroid might have caused it, or they may never discover it, or it might be cancer.  After going through the wringer, I agreed to hospitalize her, treat the pneumonia and let them test the thyroid.  She’d come home and we’d feed her the new way.  If she was able to keep food down and the thyroid was clear, it would probably be a cause we wouldn’t find.  Otherwise, she’d need testing at Penn or more likely, it was cancer.

Morgan enjoying a beautiful day in the convertible

Morgan enjoying a beautiful day in the convertible

The next kick came with: Hammonton is only open until 2; they suggested transferring to Egg Harbor that was open late Saturday and on Sunday. The vets could monitor her.  So off we go on another ride.

Meanwhile, it’s now ONE O’CLOCK.  I call the other volunteer, update her, and call Petco, apologizing to them.  I still had to pick up a cat for her new foster home and get the van back, but meanwhile, off to the hospital.

I had to wait around AGAIN until the finally agreed with the tests, but suggested perhaps more x-rays etc.  Generally, Morgan would be on IVs today and tonight to the morning.  Then they’d try a little water and food, and she could do that, oral antibiotics.   The thyroid tests probably wouldn’t get results until Monday.

To add to everything, the estimates and bills are HUGE!  I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do when I have to pick Morgan up and pay this bill.  I just don’t know.

Cathi had called me and found out what was going on.  She met me at Egg Harbor so I was going through this alone, and sat with Morgan petting her.  Morgan was so sweet this whole time.  She just wanted me close, cuddling, smiling and wagging….  They’d tell about the hospitalization or tests, and I’d see that sweet face, looking at me with perfect love and trust.

I’ve cried a lot today.

I was wearing a sweater with a tee underneath.  I went to the ladies room, got the tee off, and asked them to put it with her in her cage overnight.  Maybe it would help; maybe she’ll believe that I will come back for her.  At least, they’re no longer saying it’s an IF she comes home, but when she comes home.

So I keep going back from the fear of what’s happening to her and will she live and will she be well again, and then fear over coming up with this bill.

I called Pam at the animal shelter and she completely understood.  The kitty I was supposed to pick up actually got a home!  So I just dropped the van off when I got home.  Pam came out of her house and just enveloped me in a hug.  She offered her help in any way.  Her total understanding so helped.

By the time they took Morgan back to her crate, we were both exhausted, slumped on the floor. Now I’m in bed even though it’s 7.  I’m just done.

She’s got to come home and be well.  I can’t lose her…. not my hugging dog.  Not that sweet smile.  Not the big sister that Elphie adores and the partner that alternately competes and loves older sister Casey.

She’s too sweet not to have more time in this world.  And we need her too much.


2 responses to “My dog Morgan is in the hospital

  1. Oh, Jesus…you do NOT need this. Prayers for Morgan (yes, I pray for animals), hugs to you and John and scritches for Elphie and Casey.


    I’m praying plenty too! Your hugs were a big boon too, and the pups love the scritches! Elphie has been looking for Morgan.

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