Morgan update

John and I visited Morgan who is doing better.  Her fever is gone and her cough is better; she ate food for the first time although she didn’t like eating sitting up and having to stay sitting for a few minutes after it, but maybe it worked, because she didn’t get sick.

We asked if we could take her home, but she still needs IV antibiotics.  They’re stronger than a pill form, and the vets want her getting the strong dosages for 48 hours to really nip that pneumonia.  The doctor today say we caught the pneumonia early.  That eased my guilt a bit; I felt terrible that I didn’t take her to the vet right away, but I thought she had a little stomach bug that just needed rest and careful with her food for a day. …. dammit.

The thyroid tests won’t in until tomorrow to see if that’s the esophagus problems.  I’m hoping for all of our sakes that it’s not thyroid or anything more serious.  That this is one of those cases where we won’t know the cause, but he new way of eating will be all that she needs to be healthy and happy for a long time to

Morgan on the beach at Barnegat lighthouse

Morgan on the beach at Barnegat lighthouse


Coincidentally, a woman at the shelter is a nurse, plus another woman Pam, both told me they know cases in humans for this mega esophagus, and eating differently was fine.  This is the first canine case they heard of and the vets said it is rare.

Elphie was looking for Morgan last night, sniffing at me when I came home without her, then running out to the back yard, looking out the fence to see if she was out there and maybe jumped out to go to the lake.  Elphie is actually sticking tighter to me, which I would never have thought was possible.

As for the bill… we’re hoping we can pay them some tomorrow and get billed for the rest.  We’ll play a little book juggling for a bit as we get taxes and my bonus in.  I’m also cancelling my California trip; with my one web freelance job put on hold indefinitely and the other canceled, I just can’t do it.  Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to my head when it warned me to get trip insurance.  I’m going to have to find someone to take my plane and park ticket (I’m throwing the Walt tour in for free).  If I have to eat it all… I’ll have to, but at least I won’t be spending more.  But I can’t enjoy a trip by spending more money when my family needs me to be responsible.  [UPDATE ON TRIP: The thing that scares me now is: I don’t know if my plane ticket is transferable!  I forgot the whole 911 security measures now.  If I can’t sell that, I don’t know if I can sell any of the trip because that’s a lot for someone to take on.  I’m kicking myself for miles about that trip insurance.  I KNEW I should buy it and I got caught up with spending as little as possible.  What a f—ing idiot!!!!]

Of course, if the vet won’t let us pay the rest of the bill later…. I have no idea then.

But at least Morgan is getting better; she had more energy and was so glad to see us.  I’m beginning to feel that she is coming home; keep your fingers crossed that she’s okay — no thyroid, no cancer!

2 responses to “Morgan update

  1. So glad she’s doing better. How do you get a pup to eat sitting up?

  2. The million dollar question! They said they’re just making her do it, that at least she’s being nice – if they keep a hand under her chin, she stays put. If they let go, she lays down. They were surprised when we said Morgan likes to lay down when she eats, taking bites leisurely. It’s like she’s at Club Med, stretched out on a lounge chair with cabana boys bringing her pina coladas.

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