Morgan’s home!

She was so tired and hungry!   It’s like she’s trying to make up for the eating she didn’t do since Friday.  Then she takes a nap.

I went into the bedroom to change out of work clothes, and she rolled in the bed, celebrating being back in it.  I tried to get a camera or at least my cell phone, but of course, then she follows me.  So I couldn’t get pictures or video of all the great moments.

I fed her and had to do the 15 minutes of sitting up. That is the toughest thing!  Elphie keeps hovering around her, and while Morgan was sitting there, she leaned into me and then kissed her little sister.  Elphie cuddled against her, thrilled with the attention!

When I went to bed, the 3 dogs laid down near each other, reassuring that they’re back together.

The dogs cuddled together -- after making the bed to suit them.

The dogs cuddled together -- after making the bed to suit them.

We’re still waiting for test results.  Keep your fingers crossed!

The dogs on the golf cart, heading for the dog park in Disneys Fort Wilderness Campground Resort

The dogs on the golf cart, heading for the dog park in Disney's Fort Wilderness Campground Resort

This morning, she seemed a little quiet.  I don’t know if that’s fatigue or not feeling well.  I fed her and gave her both antibiotics; hopefully that will help.

Her left front leg is shaved where her IV feed line was; it looks so strange to have this band of skin in the middle of her leg! John teased that she looked like a poodle with one of the weird haircuts.

Bill was better than we expected.  I contacted the airline, canceling my flight.  We’ll see if I get any refund.  I also have to call and put a tour in my sister’s name.  I know I won’t get my ticket money back on that, but it’s small in comparison.

I think I’m as tired as Morgan.  I feel exhausted, coming off the tension.  I have things due and I can’t get my brain to work.  Yesterday afternoon, I have script work to do (not to mention work at the job), but all I could think about was getting home, seeing how she was, and then going to sleep in the middle of my dogs.  For the first time in years, I’m thinking of taking a day and just crashing.  I wish I could do it tomorrow. 😉  But I don’t feel like I can take one at all.


2 responses to “Morgan’s home!

  1. It’s great that your baby made it home. A friend of mine didn’t – his name was Rebel and his humans are heart-broken. Glad your story ended better. Visit me at

  2. I’m just now reading about your Morgan. She is such a beauty! I’m glad to read that things are looking better for her now….and I hope you all recuperate from it soon. I’m praying everything turns out ok. Kids can really put their moms through the wringer with worry. Take care of you Erin.


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