Morgan update

Sorry you’re probably tired of hearing all this.

Morgan…. I’m worried, maybe for no reason.  Her thyroid tests were clear, which was good news!  And she’s home and eating well.  She won’t drink water; the vet and I think she has an aversion now, because for almost 48 hours, when she drank water, she got sick.  She does get fluids from her food since we have to make it soup-like, and she actually wants my apple juice, which the vet said is ok if it’s 100% juice and mix some water with it.

But last night, she coughed like she had with the pneumonia.  I’m just worried we’re not getting the food and fluids down to her stomach, even with her sitting down after eating, and the pneumonia is going to come back.  But John points out it was one little bit of coughing…. I just don’t know….


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