The Princess and The Pirate King

I wrote this children’s show years ago and it’s actually one of the first plays I ever wrote. The Woodbury Sketch Club Players asked me if they could perform it in March and the director made this logo. I love it! It’s fantastic!

I do cringe to think of what the script is like! Whenever I read over something I did in the beginning (uh — actually, anything I’ve written), I always wish I could change it! But the director and theater group like it, and hopefully, the audience will agree!

Here’s a summary of the show:

In a far away land, the evil Pirate King Corrupt has overthrown the good King Wellborne and Queen Elegant forcing them to flee for their lives. Fearing for their infant daughter’s safety, they smuggle her to their loyal subjects Fabler the Storyteller and his wife, Mocking the Joketeller. Now Princess Noble celebrates her eighteenth birthday and her Fairy Godmother returns. This day is extra special as a prophecy foretells of a champion who will aid Princess Noble in defeating King Corrupt and his henchmen, Shady and Shifty. It will take a great hero to defeat the evil King’s army, his sinister but crazy henchmen, and worse of all, the King’s Hound.

Okay, the names are cool…. 😉

When we first performed this, the title was “The Princess and the Prophesy”, but kids don’t really know what a prophesy is.  It needed a better hook, so I brought up that pirates are in it (although the pirates are actually *gasp* bad guys).  Casey was in the show then; I still remember John bringing her out for her bow.  LOL!  That and how once the kids saw her, they couldn’t care about the rest of us.  ROTFL!

Another group performed it a year or so later.  I remember sitting in the audience and seeing the kids as they watched the show.  Their faces were lit with magic.  To know I gave them that…. wow.


One response to “The Princess and The Pirate King

  1. Sweet logo, home skillet! I think I know who the director is, lol. Anyway, I’m the same way with my writing. Everyone else will read it and say, “wow, this is really great,” and I’ll re-read it and say, “wow, this is crap!”

    What an experience that must be to know you wrote something that captivated a child’s attention so. That’s awesome. Let me know when your play is! I want to come and see it! And I’m totally going to be distracted if you bring a dog on stage! Yes, I am a giant child.

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