Mom songs

I was reading something a little while ago that had the words bushel and peck in it.   All of a sudden, I could hear my Mom clear as day singing….

I love you

a bushel and a peck!

My mom had a beautiful singing voice, but she would sing this in a funny voice.  Sometimes I would sing along.  I can hear it right now as I type this….

…. A bushel and a peck

and a hug around the neck….

I talked to John about it and he got this little smile.  He said:

My mom would sing “Beautiful Dreamer” in the mornings to wake us up.  She would sing it as badly as possible with lots of flat notes and very loud….

I can just picture a small John burying his head further into the pillow and complaining.  And his mom just singing worse and worse to drive them out of bed….

It’s the kind of thing that brings it all home in your heart. We talked about that too.  His mom has been gone since 1982 and he still feels times when he desperately wishes to see her one more time, to hear that song waking him up again, or all the other million things.

….a hug around the neck

and a barrel and a heap!

I miss my mom.


6 responses to “Mom songs

  1. (hugs for you both)

    My Mom’s song was, “Good morning, Good morning, you slept the whole night through…good morning, good morning to youuuuu!”

    Years later I watching “Singing in the Rain” for the first time and nearly fell over. I thought she made that up herself!

  2. I shouldn’t have read this at work…..sniff…

  3. What a sweet memory. My mom used to sing to me the “K-K-K-Katie” song when I was little and still remember the words. 🙂

  4. My mom would sing this weird little thing to wake me up:

    “It’s time to Gilly illy up!”

    She’d raise her voice and the stringency of it each time she said it, until it went down my spine! She must have made it up because I haven’t heard it anywhere else.

  5. I used to get the shades being lifted and then sung to me ‘ITS A BEAUTIFUL DAYYYYYYYY’ come on wake up Tracey and Ann Marie…the sun is SHININGGGGGGGG time to go to the beach!! Thats what I remember…in the most high pitched out of tune voice…lol….it was the best

  6. Didn’t she dump a cup of water on John’s head once when he wouldn’t get up?

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