Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And a happy birthday to Morgan!

Of course this is the big Irish holiday, so first of all:

But in our house, it’s not just the day to wear my “Pinch me and you’re dead meat” button. It’s the day we picked for Morgan’s birthday. The vet figured she was 8 months old when we adopted her, so to make it easy to remember, we picked today to mark her birthday. She’s 13!

And the special thing this year is: she was so sick in January, and here we are, lucky enough to celebrate today. We know how fortunate we are; three beloved dogs that we knew are gone, and our hearts go out to Steve, Cathi, and Ed. Plus a reader posted how her good friends lost their Rebel. So we think about them today, and how their special companions are waiting on the Rainbow Bridge, and we give thanks that we have more time with Morgan.

So have some fun today! Eat soda bread and Irish potatoes. Don’t worry if you’re not Irish by birth; St. Patrick was Welsh and we Irish are having a big honkin’ holiday in his honor as our Patron saint. So why should you hold back!

And remember to give your pet, whether they are a cat or dog or fish or whoever you love, a little pat or treat in Morgan’s honor and on behalf of the ones waiting on the Rainbow Bridge.

And if my hubby wants to give me a little St. Patty’s pinch or kiss, I’ll happily take off my button.   I’ll still have on the one my Mom gave me years ago…. and some of Morgan’s hair on my blouse….  to celebrate today.


One response to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day! And a happy birthday to Morgan!

  1. Happy (belated, because I decided to actually cook dinner from scratch last night and ended up taking the whole evening up with cooking, eating and cleaning, which left NO time for the Internet which is why more often than not I end up at Taco Bell) Birthday Morgan!

    Max and Ollie say hello!

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