All Ears Net: Disneyland menus updated!

The Disneyland resort menus have a major upgrade!  Just about all of them are updated and the rest will get updates in the next couple of weeks!

Major thanks to All Ears team members Laura and Lisa who got the updates.  Laura especially was a focused, one woman strike team!  She and other team members have gotten a ton of Disney World menus so you’ll see a lot of updates in that section too!


6 responses to “All Ears Net: Disneyland menus updated!

  1. Slightly off-topic but can you believe Le Cellier is booked for all 4 days of our May trip? Lunch and dinner! I’m so peeved. Freaking dining plan.

  2. I just updated Le Cellier not so long ago. That’s nuts about it being booked! The last time we went, we couldn’t get in until 9:30.

  3. Erin, YOU’RE the one who deserves most of the credit for getting the Disneyland menus updated – I can’t believe how fast you took them from photo-of-the-menu to web page! There’s no shortcuts here, folks – they all have to be typed by hand and Erin personally did most of them!

  4. colleen scripture

    Hi We are going to Disneyland In December to celebrate my daughter’s
    21 birthday and her boyfriend is going to propose that night so I need a romantic dining experience that serves alchol. can you suggest anything? Can’t be too stuffy

  5. Hi, Colleen!

    I asked Laura on All Ears.Net about this; she knows DL better than me. Here’s what she said:


    Any restaurants except those actually inside Disneyland Park will serve alcohol.

    The BEST restaurant of course would be Napa Rose at the Grand Californian, but it’s very pricy. I don’t find it to be particularly “stuffy” or snooty. If the boyfriend called the restaurant in advance and explained the situation I’m sure they would help give them a wonderful evening!

    We had a great meal at Catal in Downtown Disney a couple of weeks ago – it’s a little more casual than Napa Rose, maybe a little noisier than Napa Rose, but not too bad.

    If they like steakhouses, then Steakhouse 55 at the DL Hotel would be a good choice – it should also be fairly quiet.

    Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen is good, and the setting is very nice (that whole New Orleans wrought iron railing thing), but I think it’s very busy and loud, since on a December night they are going to want to be inside instead of outside!

    I’d definitely steer them away from Naples, House of Blues, Rainforest Cafe, Tortilla Jo’s, PCH Grill, and Storyteller’s Cafe.

    And I like Wine Country Trattoria at DCA…but for a romantic meal I don’t think it fits the bill.

    Hope that helps!



    Congratulations to your daughter and future son-in-law!


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