Yo momma’s so dumb that when she surfed the internet she put a wetsuit on!

You know you really reached a sophisticated level when you post about Yo Momma jokes.  But–

I had a need for a “Yo momma” joke yesterday.  Don’t ask why; the reason doesn’t make me look any better than this post does.  You can always count on someone to use the great communication and research tool of our time — the Web — to have sites for this kind of thing.  Search for “Yo Momma” jokes and you’ll find a ton, even an international one which is really what I needed.

Actually, don’t search for them, because most are really bad.

So I sent the joke to my friend Tootie and that started off an afternoon of find the funniest ones we could. Thankfully, it ended before the president of the company walked by, because that’s an embarrassing thing to be caught doing:  being on the phone with a co-worker saying —

Yo Momma so big that when she fell in the Grand Canyon, she got stuck!

I’m sure that’s against some company policy.

By the way – White people: remember that when you do this to use the bad hip hop accent that we use.  Don’t say you do a good imitation of  the accent; you don’t.  Just admit it and come stand over here with your people.

I never even liked Yo Momma jokes before, but these were funny. It’s not about insults, it’s about creativity and humor:

Yo Momma so big that she fell in the ocean, Spain claimed her as the new world!

Yo Momma so big, she can climb Mt Fuji in one step!

Tootie actually debated that this one wouldn’t be about weight, it’d be about height.  Which is a reason to love Tootie: she debates the validity of Yo Momma jokes.

That’s no moon.

It’s Yo Momma.

Yo Momma so old, she owes Jesus a dollar!

Yo Momma’s so scary, they changed Halloween to YoMamaWeen.

It just hit me that I’m actually typing up Yo Momma jokes….

Yo mama so big, Dora can’t even explore her.

Yo Momma so big, she makes Shamu look like a tic-tac.

And the last one:

Yo Momma so dumb, she thought Fruit Punch was a gay boxer.

That’s my favorite.   Although… YoMommaWeen…..

Hopefully, one of these gave you a chuckle!


7 responses to “Yo momma’s so dumb that when she surfed the internet she put a wetsuit on!

  1. Glad you announced to the whole world that I’ll delve into the depths of physics and logic with “Yo Momma” jokes ’cause now everyone’s gonna come to me for advice! Thanks!

    Just kidding! It was a very enjoyable post. I need to stop slacking off on my blog. Maybe I’ll write one when I’m still coming off the laughing gas after my tooth surgery to see what wild funky world I can conjure in my silly, yet twisted little mind.

  2. Yo Mamma so big Amtrak built a tunnel thru her!

  3. Yo Momma so dumb she likes George Bush!!

  4. Yo Momma so big she steps in front of the sun and causes an eclipse.

  5. How I love that man of mine! 😀

  6. Yo Momma so big that Disney World built a roller coaster inside of her! YO MOMMA MOUNTAIN!!


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