I’m officiating at my sister-in-law’s wedding!

Some people might remember when I wrote that I was getting legally certified to be an officiate. Ann, John’s sister, then did me the great honor of asking me to perform her wedding. I even got to write the ceremony! And today is her big day!

They’re having the wedding and reception at The Castle, and have come up with so many wonderful touches for everything! Eddie, John’s oldest brother, is giving her away, John is singing, and Martin, his other brother, is reading an Irish Blessing. Ann’s oldest daughter is a bridesmaid, while Nick, her oldest son, is escorting the mother of the groom. Her two youngest, Conner and Kylie, are ring bearer and flower girl. (Last night at the rehearsal, Connor wore a t-shirt saying Ring Security. 🙂 ) Everything has Celtic touches, including place cards for the guests and their tables that Ann did the caligraphy for herself.

I’m excited and nervous. This is a great experience and very important for them. I want to do a fantastic job.

I wondered what I should wear and used the movies to pick a role model: Mother Nature from Santa Clause 2. My robes are beautiful and so is the headress, even though it’s a bit heavy.

OK, obviously I’m joking. My friend Suzanne helped me pick what to wear: a stylish, feminine tuxedo. So now you not only have to get over the shock that I’m performing a wedding, but I’m going to look feminine. 😉

Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes well, and I don’t end up like Mr. Bean in Four Weddings and a Funeral!


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