What a great wedding!

Ann sure knows how to put a wedding and reception together! Everyone had a phenomenal time!

Here’s your officiate! I got ready at work and Beth nicely took photos of me. She also lent me an Irish ring that she bought in County Kerry.

It’s not quite what I’m wearing in my avatar, but no one complained.

You know, if you add a cowboy hat and a longer coat, it’s my outfit from the Hershey Park photo! John, however, was dressed completely different than he was.

But of course, no one is more beautiful than the bride:

What class!  How chic!

What class! How chic!

Which is a lot different than the rehearsal when she said, Look at the bling I’m wearing with my gown!

I already said she and Mike had so many wonderful Irish Celtic touches, like the calligraphied table cards with the names of places in Ireland instead of numbers:

Our table, Killarney

Our table, Killarney

The place settings with little bottles of Baily’s Irish Cream and boxes of chocolates with Celtic symbols and shamrocks:

A bagpiper:

And this poem to her parents who are gone, and her saying she knows her mom is looking down and smiling today:

They had a small Celtic sword to cut the cake and a plate with an Irish blessing:

Did you notice the cake topper?

She has place cards similar to the table cards, and again she did the calligraphy for all of them. I had a picture of ours, but like an idiot, I didn’t upload it! I’ll fix that tonight.

This is Ty, one of Mike’s groomsman. He said to me that he thought humor was important and did I plan anything in the ceremony like that? I told him that I hadn’t planned anything because “if you think we’re getting through this without something to laugh at, think again.” We didn’t get the whole bridal party down the aisle before having the whole room burst out in a laughter.

Its all about attitude, baby!

It's all about attitude, baby!

Here’s a photo from the ceremony. If you know me, you know this a familiar pose: my big mouth wide open. That’s my niece and Ann’s youngest, Kylie, peeking out in the corner. She was flower girl.

John sang at the wedding and had our friend Glenn accompany him on the guitar. Don’t listen to what John says, he did a wonderful job!

I do wonder if I should worry about all the lavender in his outfit, especially when he said Glenn was the best date he ever had.

The ceremony will always be one of the greatest moments of my life. Every minute felt so good, being able to look over and see the happiness in John’s eyes, and the times when I spoke directly to Ann and Mike, and you could feel the moment wrapping around us so it was this special bond we had. I can’t thank them enough for putting their trust in me to do this, and for the utter love and joy in their eyes as they looked back at me.

I even had people coming up and telling me how much the ceremony itself (since I had written it). One man even quoted parts of it! I was so surprised and thrilled!

Yay!  I didnt screw up!

Yay! I didn't screw up!

Here’s the happy couple making their entrance! And here’s a video of them walking in to that classic wedding song, Highway to Hell!

It was so great to have the family together! Some of us couldn’t make it and we missed them, but we celebrated being together:

Eddie, Martin, Ann, and John.  We kept calling Eddie the Skipper all night.

Eddie, Martin, Ann, and John. We kept calling Eddie the Skipper all night.

Ann danced with each of her brothers and they hugged each other tight at the end of the song:

I could go on and on! About how great the reception was; about how wonderful it was seeing Briana as a bridesmaid, Nick escorting in Mike’s mom, Kylie and Connor in the wedding party…. all the antics we got up to during the whole night! But it’d be War and Peace!

And my boss is coming out of a meeting soon. šŸ˜‰

Here’s the photos that we took.

And here’s ones that a friend of Mike and Ann’s took. I can’t wait to see what the photographer has!

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