My kid’s show is in the Courier Post!

My children’s show made the paper.  Right now, my friend Kim D. just perked up and said, “It did?!” to herself, because she works on that web site.  😉

The Courier said it would send someone to the rehearsal, but at first, the director barely got a phone call.  However, the next day, a reporter and a photographer came out.

Here’s the link to the article, but I’m reprinting here too:

Sketch Club Players to draw adventure

by Julia Hays

Frank Myers (from left) plays King Corrupt, Terry Crane plays the Fairy Godmother and Mike Crane plays Shifty the Pirate in The Princess and the Pirate King.

Frank Myers (from left) plays King Corrupt, Terry Crane plays the Fairy Godmother and Mike Crane plays Shifty the Pirate in "The Princess and the Pirate King.'

Families can travel to a faraway land to experience adventure, humor and excitement at the Sketch Club Players’ performance of “The Princess and the Pirate King.”

The show, written by Williamstown native  Erin Blackwell , follows the evil Pirate King Corrupt after he overthrows the good King Wellborne and Queen Elegant, forcing them to flee.

Fearing for the safety of their infant daughter, Princess Noble, they smuggle her to their loyal subjects Fabler the Storyteller and his wife, Mocking the Joketeller.

On her 18th birthday, Princess Noble celebrates when her Fairy Godmother returns. The day is extra special as a prophecy foretells of a champion who will aid Princess Noble in defeating King Corrupt and his henchmen, Shady and Shifty. It will take a great hero to defeat the evil King’s army, his sinister but crazy henchmen, and worst of all, the King’s Hound.


“The show has a sword fight, a love story, good versus evil and a Fairy Godmother,” said director Karl Miller of Pennsville. “We’ve done the show four or five times, and kids really enjoy the concept of the show.”

The show, which has a running length of approximately 45 minutes, is geared toward children ages 5 to 10 but can be enjoyed by the entire family, said Miller.

“We try to interact with the kids and have the characters talk to the kids to get them involved,” said Miller. “At one point, the Fairy Godmother says that if the Princess needs help, to yell her name two times and the kids can bring her back.”

Moments of excitement include a sword fight and a King’s Hound offstage, neither of which is menacing or scary to young children, added Miller.


Cool, huh?  😀


One response to “My kid’s show is in the Courier Post!

  1. “It did?”

    (Kim scurries over from the Classifieds Page that always needs work, dammit)

    It did!!! Congratulations! Nice to see us review theater that’s NOT at the Ritz in Oaklyn.

    (happy dance)

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