Easter cakes that are so bad, they’re funny

I haven’t visited Cake Wrecks in a while.  Stupid of me, because of course, I’ve been missing some really funny posts.  For example, just in time for Easter:

It looks like the Spam Lamb from the M*A*S*H episode.  What it really is: an Easter Lamb with a cigarette.  Cake Wrecks pointed out the same thing: why is he smoking?  It’s not the only one.

I’m thinking that when Richard Dreyfuss was done building the mountain out of mashed potatoes in “Close Encounters”, he made this lamb.  Smoking.

Now — WTF happened to this chick?

I’m supposed to pay $13 for that?!

THIS one must send kids screaming in the supermarket:

If a dragon and a chick had a kid, that’s what it would look like.  Or as Cake Wrecks puts it:

It’s Dr. Bok Bok Bokaw, the mutant chicken head sent from the future to enslave us all!!

What about the Easter Bunny? Can’t leave him out.
Oh, I wish they had left him out!

Spike from the Gremlins and the Easter Bunny had a child who ate after midnight.  Here he is:

Notice these are from BAKERIES!  Not people at home!  They expect you to BUY this!

It doesn’t get better!  Behold the Bunny cake based on Moe Green from the Godfather:

Nothing says Happy Easter than a bunny shot in the eye.

The following one is just bad.  Period:

oy vay.

To everyone reading this, Happy Passover!

Happy Easter!  Secular:

and Religious:

and to the Spring Solstice from which we get so many traditions, thank you!


5 responses to “Easter cakes that are so bad, they’re funny

  1. I love the $13 chick.

  2. ooO now I gotta get me some of these cakes..WTF !! The kids will love them for sure…LOL!!! HAPPY EASTER

  3. I love Cake Wrecks. Sometimes I weep from laughing so hard at what they find.

  4. Ok, those are like, way too funny!

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