Disney downloads

I have a few things that I thought people might like for themselves.  So help yourself if you’re interested.

Zip A Dee Doo Dah Tip of the Day Ringtone:

Remember this from the WDW Tour channel in Disney World?

I’ve had a wav file  for the intro song for a long.  A little while ago, someone who had asked for the wav file converted it to a mp3.  It makes for a great ringtone, one that’s fun and unique!

Download the Zip A Dee Doo Dah Tip of the Day Ringtone.

Disney D23 Wallpaper:

I wanted one for my laptop and couldn’t find one. So I made a quick one from scanning my pamphlet. I’ll do a nicer one when I get time, but this is still cool.  I made 3 sizes:

Download D23 Wallpaper 800 x 600

Download D23 Wallpaper 1024 x 768

Download D23 Wallpaper 1280 x 898 (the largest scan size I could get)

Disney Vacation Countdown Calendar:

This isn’t a download, but tips if you want to make one. Family & Parenting suggests the Disney Calendar Creator page, which is a great idea.  You can pick characters and put “stickers” on dates.  But when I went to make one for my little friend, Sophia, for her upcoming trip, I wanted more “stickers” and more elaborate ones that just mouse heads.   So here’s another option you can do.

I used the free Flickr calendar tool.  I picked 3 photos from Flickr of some of her favorite characters.  You can leave it there and just draw or get regular stickers to decorate it.  Or if you’re comfortable with a graphics program like Photoshop, you can grab free art and punch up the design like these:

April: I added a few graphics for fun things going on this month, like Sophia coming to see my kid’s show and going to see Mary Poppins.  And then princess as a colorful little blurb:

May 2009: She didn’t have anything else going on, so I just put Mickey watching fireworks for Memorial Day and then other clipart to jazz it up.

June 2009: I used a Mickey and Minnie in a plane for the day she leaves, then WDW artwork for all the days she’s there, including a giraffe and zebra because she’s staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge and is looking forward to the animals.  I don’t plan that she uses this DURING her vacation, but the artwork adds excitement as she looks towards those days.

I’m thrilled with how they look now that I’ve printed them.  I’ll get stickers at the dollar store for her to use each morning to mark off the days.  And like everything else that I do like this for Sophia, this will be sent from “Mickey” which always excites her.  So I made a letter to go with it all on a custom MM stationary I made including signature.

So if you’re willing to spend a little time playing around, you can make a great calendar that will help fill in the days until you leave.

Gotta go.  I need to set my ringtone!


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