Please support the Washington DC Walk

You may not know it, but there’s more than one Breast Cancer Awareness walk during the year.  For example, one of my co-workers is doing one in October, while Washington DC is having a Walk on May 2-3, 2009.  If you’re already walking yourself or sponsoring someone for this walk, thank you!  If not, please give me just a couple minutes.

Someone I know is walking: Deb Wills. She’s a survivor herself and knows more; she’s walking for all of them.  You can read her words on why she’s doing this; they’re good words.  But I’d like to add my thoughts.

First, let me point out: I am talking only for myself, and no one else.  Deb doesn’t even know I’m doing this, and I’m certainly not speaking for the Avon organization, R.Y.I Enterprises, and All Ears Net.  These are my words.

I’ve mentioned Deb Wills before on my blog.  I’ve also talked about someone in a community can stand out, whatever that community is.  They get a name for themselves and a reputation.

In the Disney fans community, Deb Wills is a name. Her All Ears Net is an informational web site that even the employees of the Disney Company recognize.  When Deb goes places in the parks, people literally stop her every few minutes.  The reason is, she has worked hard to provide a quality site.  It’s affected people which may surprise you when you’re outside our community.  But you’re probably involved in something else that has a person like Deb.

People outside the community can’t believe Deb’s team is all volunteers.  So is Deb herself.  All Ears’ information is free and its advertising goes in support of the site because a site like that takes a lot.  And I can’t even imagine Deb’s to-do list.  And because Deb has shared being a breast cancer survivor, she has people turn to her:  people suffering from it, their families, and the survivors.

It could stop there, but it doesn’t.  Plenty of people who are a big fish in their own pond could just enjoy it.  Deb doesn’t.  She use those avenues to put herself out there to make a difference.  She doesn’t even just speak about it or let someone use her name; she’s certainly so incredibly busy with a full job, a family, and All Ears, that no one would fault her for doing it.  But she does do the effort and the work herself.   Last year, she raised $40,000 for Breast Cancer AwarenessFrom 2001- 2008, Deb has raised over $131,000 for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. This year, she’s set a goal of $50,000 and is training hard for the Walk.

She has 85% of that goal.  A lot of people are getting behind her including small Mom & Pop companies and medium ones.  She’s someone you can behind.  She’s an admirable person who not only makes a difference, but she raises the bar for herself and her community in proportion to the growth in her reputation and reach in her community.  By supporting her, it’s not just the people she’s walking for, but all the people who already supported her Walk.  That’s a heck of a thing to be part of.

She’s close to her goal, but every little bit will get her there.  You can even give only a $10 donation, and remember, it’s for a great reason and tax deductible.  Please donate!  I honestly believe Breast Cancer is unfortunately one of those sad facts of life that sooner or later will touch your life through you or someone you know.  I’ve been spared in my two scares, but a friend in theater, one from high school, and I just found out that a friend I know from work have all had to have double mastectomies. Another friend lost his mother to breast cancer.

Please help. Even $10.  Any donation is fantastic, but if you want to also put it behind someone you can believe in, Deb Wills is one of those people.

Thank you.


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