Time for some funny pictures

I know I can use a pick-me-up!  Let’s start with Cake Wrecks:

Okay, spelling it Happle Birthday isn’t so good.  Did they think it was spelled with an ie and then the icing got out of a control on the i?    But the thing that gets me is the eyeburn with the bright colors.  If it was a sunny day when they brought this out, party goers were blinded for days from the reflection.

Like they said on Cake Wrecks, “Um. What? I started trying to figure it out, and then I remembered some good advice from Lewis Black:Don’t think about that too long, or BLOOD will shoot out your NOSE!

Now over to I Has A Hot Dog and I Can Has a Cheeseburger:

I love this one!

I don’t know what that cat was doing that he was in that pose, but damn, this makes me laugh.

Speaking of dancing:

I tried to get Elphie and Casey to dance to the Beverly Hills Chihuahua song and they looked at me like I was nuts.

You tell ’em, sister!

Oofah, I feel like this more and more!

I just find the site LOL Celebs.  Life is picking up, peeps!


And we thought Kirk’s antics were crazy then.  Then came Thelma & Louise cliff driving, Tom Cruise motorcycle riding, high fives on the bridge, and absolutely NO increase in diversity.  This reboot is like  Microsoft Vista: pretty and a lot of crap.  If they didn’t want to hire the ST people to do it right, they should have gotten Jon Favreau.  At least we would have seen cutting edge design, not guys with 1940s welding torches building starships…. on the ground.

I’m going to have “You remind me of the babe!” in my head all day now!

Hey, speaking of Cruise:


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