Do you know this old Sunday comic?

It’s from the 90s, probably 1990 – 1996.  It was 2 panels.  In the first panel, a couple is cuddled up in the middle of their bed.  It says “BD” and then “(Before Dog)”.  In the next panel,  the couple is now at opposite edges of the bed with a brown dog spread out in the center.  It says “AD” and then “(After Dog)”.

I used to have it hanging up in my cubicle, but someone borrowed it to make a copy and long story short, I didn’t get it back.

I saw it in the Gloucester County Times.  I’ve looked online for years.  I can’t even remember what the strip’s name was/is.  I should get a paper and see if they still carry it, but I’m hoping someone has it on their wall and can tell me where I can find it.


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