Not so Happy Mother’s Day

I’ve been really down this week.  There’s a few reasons: Morgan’s sick again and even with her medication, she can’t keep down a whole meal if she eats regularly.  I’m not sleeping well.  Things like that.

But I had to face the big underlying reason is Mother’s Day.  For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been getting emails for the places where I subscribe or I hear things on the radio, see them on TV and in the card stores…. just everywhere:

Don’t forget Mom!

Honor Mom on her big day

Show Mom you love her

Mom…. Mom… Mom… Mom….

I’m not asking people not to enjoy their Mother’s Day.  It’s just tough in our little corner.  I would love to honor my mom; I never forgot a Mother’s Day.  I even gave her Father’s Day cards since she was both to me for so long.  I used to sign her cards “Your Tax Deduction” as our inside joke until I turned 18.  Last year, we took her out, we gave her gifts and cards, we have pictures of all of us celebrating….

But all this does is remind me: my celebration will be going to the cemetery with flowers.

So it’s still a big day, just different now.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  Thank you for everything.  We miss you so much.


Your former Tax Deduction and Your Favorite Son-in-Law


2 responses to “Not so Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Morgan says–I’m feeling better today

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