Happy Anniversary, Spongebob!

The little dude who lives in a pineapple hit the 10 year anniversary mark this month.  Good job for a cartoon or for any show actually.  I came in late on the Spongebob craze.  I remember in the first couple of years, we were at Long Beach Island and stopped at an ice cream cart.  My mom asked what was that weird yellow thing that my niece Jennifer had bought.  “Spongebob Squarepants,” she answered brightly.  “He’s cool, Mom Mom.”  My mom said okay dubiously, but she wasn’t eating the Spongebob popsicle, so what did she care?

Once I discovered this funny show, I enjoyed catching up with it.  So as my bit as one of the thousands of adult fans who made former marine biologist Stephen Hillenburg a millionaire, here’s my favorite 10 episodes for the 10th anniversary.

First, my husband is saying to himself right about now, “Of course. She has a Spongebob post.”  So let me say to him:

Now, in no particular order, my favorite 10 episodes:

  • The pilot: it’s always fun to see how a show started, but I love this one for the segment that goes along with Tiny Tim’s song Living In The Sunlight, Loving In The Moonlight”.  A cartoon that had a Tiny Tim song…. you knew it was going to be something different.
  • Sandy’s Rocket: I love the original animation in this; I think the look of it with the humor is what really draws me.
  • Shanghaied: I’m not thrilled with the ending, but this episode has so many great jokes.  From Patrick’s pirate call (“Leedle, leedle, leedle!”), to Spongebob watching the stuff scraped off the ship as he calls out “You’re good! You’re good!”, to their attempts to scare people (“Those guys are dorks.” “Yeah, but they’re my dorks.”), to having to escape the Flying Dutchman by going through the perfume department in Macy’s, I love the dialogue in this show.
  • Krusty Crab Training Video: BUT!  with the popup video style bubbles to it.  Great dialogue, superb spoofing of a company video, and the tidbits are great.
  • Band Geeks: great humor, but really, we fans at my office took a vote and said the Super Bowl should use this for the halftime.  Far, far better than anything they’ve ever done, and it’s always good to see some ahole get theirs!
  • Squidtastic Voyage: this will be a favorite for a lot of reasons, but it also has maybe the best Squidward line.  As the tiny sub with Spongebob and Patrick hits his stomach causing gas, Sandy says to him, “Ew!  What have you been eating?”  “Morons,” he answers deadpan.
  • That’s No Lady: Patrick in drag…. Mr. Krabs and Squidward falling for him…. and when he gets rid of the dress, their reactions.  Excellent!
  • Not Normal:  one of the best new episodes.  The spoof on the old 50’s shorts and Spongebob turning himself into Mr. WASP Whitebread… great!
  • Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy: I don’t know which one I’d pick.  Kudos, first of all, for showing us a retired Aquaman or any superhero.  They’re all fun for that reason.  Tim Conway and Ernest Borgnine do such a fantastic job with the voices and humor too.  I narrow it down to the one with the spoof of the Justice League and the one where Spongebob housesits their cave.
  • Best Day Ever: So good, I got the ringtone.

Congratulations again to the cast and crew!  So many shows don’t make it this far.  Be proud.


One response to “Happy Anniversary, Spongebob!

  1. happy 10th birthday spongebob

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