All Ears Net: Disney Wallpapers for your Desktop!

The Disney Desktop section is reborn!  30 new wallpapers are waiting for you.  Right now, they came from my photos and from one of All Ears photographers, Scott Thomas, but look for the rest of the team to give photos for this section.

One of the great things about these is: you’ll find the big favorites like the Castle, Big Thunder mountain (with a great look inside the canyon), and Everest, but you also get the what you can’t find in other places!  The Mickey Grecian Urn in Minnie’s House, a wonderful angle of Cinderella’s fountain, Sonny Eclipse, the Fife and Drum Corps honoring the forces at Iwo Jima, paintings/murals in Animal Kingdom, and a phenomenal look at two of the Studios icons from the entrance


These Disney World wallpapers come in a large variety of sizes, from common 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768, up to the widescreen IMAX theater size 1920 x 1200! (Thanks go to Jack Spence on the All Ears team for helping me find the right resolution for the drive-in screen he uses as a monitor. 😉 )


All Ears wants to give you access to favorites that don’t get the attention they deserve, such as:

Foodies, your time is here!  Do you need not just a Disney fix, but you’re thinking of Cheddar Cheese soup? We have started a Disney restaurant wallpaper section featuring these special places and some signature dishes!

This is just the first phase!  Screensavers are coming soon, and more & more wallpapers! All Ears sees so many special events like the ESPN weekend, the Food & Wine festival, Star Wars weekends, anniversaries  — we’re going to offer these too, not to mention all the holidays.  Plus!  Coming up is our Disneyland and California Adventure (including Club 33!), the Cruise Line, Walt Disney history…. and of course, we’re adding to all of these sections!  More Disney Restaurants wallpapers, more Disney resorts wallpapers, and more from the parks!

All Ears  readers always ask for photos, photos, and more photos!  Here they are, ready for your desktop!

And as always, please give All Ears your feedback.  Do you like these wallpapers? Let us know!  Do you need different sizes or want to see certain attractions, shows, restaurants, events….?   Let us know!

Enjoy!  Fill that Disney fix!  And when your friends and family have one, send them to our Disney desktop wallpapers!

(Hmm… can I use any more exclamation marks? 😀 )

Kudos if you know where I got the Epcot background for my avatar!


6 responses to “All Ears Net: Disney Wallpapers for your Desktop!

  1. (weeping copiously at the prospect of no Disney ’til next JUNE)

    Hey, how’d you get the Disney Yahoo Avatar?

  2. John told me you were going to Disney soon. Maybe he thought you meant this June.

    Download a wallpaper. Maybe it’ll help. Any requests?

    I cheate– got creative with the avatar. It’s not a real Yahoo avatar. I made one there, then Photoshopped it. I changed the shirt to an All Ears polo and got the background from the Simpsons episode where they went to EFCOT. 😉

    I was going to photoshop in sneakers, sandals, or my crocs. No way would I wear those shoes for lots of walking.

  3. Reall cool man thanks for sharing

  4. Hey, I downloaded one of the pics for my background. So cool. And you know, if you need someone to take care of the dogs at Disney, I being willing to make the sacrifice. I travel light, don’t eat much, and I get along well with dogs… 🙂

  5. We were just there last week for Matt’s birthday. Left last Thursday, came back on Monday night.


    We’ll be back next June. It’s too depressing to even start a countdown for.

  6. hi
    Nice Wallpaper
    pls contact me heir :

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