Walking wounded, help the others….

I had to take Morgan back to the hospital yesterday. She collapsed in the morning and couldn’t walk. It was like she had a stroke; it was really frightening. They said she has a vestibulary problem in her nervous system, especially in the nerves in the brain.  It throws off her balance which is why she couldn’t keep on her feet; the vertigo is horrible.  She could have had a version that happens with old dogs: it happens suddenly but heals itself in a week. But the risk was, she could have a brain tumor.

Thankfully, she came out of it on her own, which leans towards her being fine. Thank goodness!

But!  John also hurt his back and is laid up, not able to do really anything.  I’m not the kind of wife to point out that I told him to wait until I could go with hin on Friday to set up our RV so this wouldn’t happen, so we won’t even go there.  He really is hurting; you can see how bad it is when he tries to even shift in the bed. If he doesn’t get better, he wants to go to the ER for meds. I said the vet did a great job on Morgan, so maybe we should take him there…


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