The real Memorial Day

For a lot of us, it’s about a day off and barbecues.  The summer season begins with beach towns looking for that first big wave of tourists to arrive.

Nothing wrong with barbecues or trips to the beach, especially when we also remember why this day is here:

memorialSome don’t come home.  And some don’t come home whole.

For me, an unbreakable, sacred pact exists between those who serve and the people they serve.

When you go into the military, even in a time of peace, you’re promising your readiness to make the ultimate sacrifice: to die or come home broken if you’re told to go into battle.

Because that promise is so huge, we civilians and the government must uphold our end: a promise that we will not ask for that price without the ultimate justification.   No trumped up or false reasons, no politics.

The men and women who wore the boots below are gone.  They didn’t get another Memorial Day bbq.

Iraq Memorial

So we remember them and make the promise to fulfill our Constitutional duty: be a check and balance to the government, making sure we all uphold our end of the pact. For our men and women in service, and the innocents always caught in the crossfire. or trips


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