Stock tip: Buy Ibprofen. It’s going to be HUGE!

John called the doctor yesterday about his back pain. They told him to take 9 Ibprofen at a time. Yes, Viriginia, you read that right:


That’s got to be a record.  I have never heard of anyone taking that much.  I kept thinking I heard him wrong — or that our doctor meant to say something else, but saw the 9th on the calendar or something.  But I got to say: I waited for him to come home, ready to help him since he could barely move when he left the house in the morning, and he had a long day yesterday with a lot of pain.  Instead, he walked up to the house like he never had a problem.

So: buy stock in ibprofen companies and thank the Blackwells when it goes up!

Update: okay, he meant 9 for the day.  That makes more sense.


3 responses to “Stock tip: Buy Ibprofen. It’s going to be HUGE!

  1. It was 3, 3 times a day. I think if I took nine at once–I may not have a care in the world

  2. Then why did you say nine? 3? We had you taking 4 at a time on the weekend. 🙂

  3. Gheez, and here I was poised to buy tons of Ibprofen stock. How much do you think I could have bought for $2.98? (Stock that is, not pills.)

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