Have Phaser, Will Travel

I listen to Radio Classics on Sirius radio a lot.   I enjoy many of the “Golden Age of Radio” shows (which is a reason why I wrote a play based on them).  This morning, they played the show, “Have Gun, Will Travel”.  I knew this show from the movie Stand By Me when the boys keep singing its theme song:

Have Gun, Will Travel reads the card of a man.
A knight without armor in a savage land.
His fast gun for hire head’s the calling wind.
A soldier of fortune is the man called Paladin!

So I listened and enjoyed the story: it was a good Western.  At the end they annnounced the cast, followed by:

“This episoded was written by Gene Roddenberry.”

What a surprise and fun way to remember he worked for years as a Hollywood TV and radio writer.  Obvioulsy, before he created a show based on his imaginary heroes he created as a small, sickly boy who couldn’t run around with the neighborhood kids; instead, he had to sit quiet in his backyard, by himself, and he started playing a game, imagining a man sitting in his command chair on the bridge of a starship….


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