See that empty spot?

See that empty spot?, originally uploaded by eblackwell.

It should have a plane with me on it for Florida. Instead, they announced we weren’t leaving until NINE!  In reality, the plane didn’t show up until after nine and we weren’t in the air until almost 10.

I do give Southwest credit for having fun crews.  When they did the safety spiel, the woman on the mike made these announcements:

  • In the event that this flight becomes a cruise…. (instead of water landing)
  • We don’t expect there to be any changes in cabin pressure, because if we did, we would have all called out sick.  But if it happens, these oxygen masks will magically appear.  Please stop screaming and clutching the person next to you long enough to put them on.  If you’re traveling with children or people who act like them — ladies, this means your husbands too —
  • Your flight crew started their shift a long time ago, and our makeup has worn off.   Since that means we need all the help we can get, we’re lowering the lights in the cabin.
  • We know you had a very long delay for this flight, so the boys up front have been told to fly this thing like they stole it.

She eased the tension a lot.  We applauded her when she came down the aisle.

I slept the whole flight.


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