Sophia’s Disney wish comes true: I’m going with her

Last year, I wrote a post “I’m worth a toddler’s Disney dollars”, explaining how much my little friend Sophia, my friends Adam and Becky’s daughter, wanted me to go with them on their Disney trip:

I kept Sophia busy talking to keep her from getting to ansy at the restaurant, and asked her about her trip to Disney.  She said she had her own money so she could buy whatever she wanted when she was there…

At the end of the night, Sophia comes up to me with big, soulful eyes: “I give my money to Mommy so she can buy you a ticket to Disney. ‘Cause that’s what I want to buy.”

Melt me like butter.

The sweetie! (No, we didn’t take her money!)

Well, it took a year, but Sophia is getting her wish:  I’m spending a long weekend with the three of them in Disney World starting tonight when I fly to Orlando after work.  I can’t do the whole week, but this way, they get a family trip too without someone else tagging along.  Becky and Adam nicely are letting me stay with them in their room at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.   I’m also giving Becky and Adam a night to be a couple where they’re going for a fantastic dinner at Jiko’s, one of the best both in food and atmosphere.    Me and the Peanut will raise hel– heck somewhere.  Probably 18 trips through Small World or Toy Story Mania…. whatever she picks — this is her wish, after all.

I want to get internet access while I’m there, so I can set up a webcam of our Savannah view from the Zebra Trail section of the hotel.  But!  WordPress won’t let me post the webcam on here, so…  If you came to my blog with the address and want to see the webcam, use my website link of and you’ll see the new homepage view with this blog, plus the webcam.  I’ll be posting pictures through Flickr during the trip (but not text — another thing WordPress won’t allow.   )  They’re having problems with video, so you’ll see through my homepage on my website that I have a wiremob widget to show you my latest video.

I already miss John a lot.  It’s so odd that he won’t be there to share in everything; he’s the big part of what makes it all great….

Although, he won’t be standing in line with a 4 year old for hours, waiting to see Tinkerbell. 😉

Disney’s theme last year was Year of a Million Dreams; the current one is “What Will You Celebrate?”  Sophia is celebrating having her dream from last year come true, and unbelievably, that dream is me taking her around her favorite magical places.  To celebrate the event, I made shirts for us.   This is hers (mine looks the same except the wording is different, of course):



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