Epcot at night

Epcot at night, originally uploaded by eblackwell.

I miss my husband John. This is his park and we always enjoy a special time walking through here at night when we’re here.

I’ll be home to him tomorrow night.  Meanwhile, we headed back to the hotel around 9.  Sophia was tired and we didn’t want to push her.  I checked in with Southwest and I have my boarding pass.  I’m staying with Sophia in the room while Adam and Becky get some alone time at Victoria Falls lounge.  We’re having the breakfast buffet at Boma tomorrow morning, then headed back into Magic Kingdom.  It’s a whirlwind weekend!

In fact, I have to pack my bags in the morning and bring them with me.  I don’t want to take time with coming back to the room before the airport.  I’m going to lose time as it is with security.  And I really hope I don’t have the delays that I did flying down.  Especially not with work on Tuesday morning.

But!  We have a great day planned tomorrow!  I’m not going to wish that away by thinking of leaving.


One response to “Epcot at night

  1. I really enjoyed your photos & videos!

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