I won this turtle for Sophia

I won this turtle for Sophia, originally uploaded by eblackwell.

We got Becky at the hotel and talked about what we wanted to do that night.  Sophia wanted to ride Toy Story Mania again, but also “the Donald boats” — the new ride at Mexico.   That was 2 parks right there, and we adults wanted to ride Everest.  Since Animal Kingdom is right near the hotel — it IS the Animal Kingdom Lodge, after all — we popped into AK first.

I took Sophia on Triceratops Spin, freeing up Adam and Becky to ride Primeval Whirl together.  They were still in line when we came off our ride, so Sophia wanted to play some of the games at Dinoland.  She won a couple prizes herself, and then I won the purple turtle for her at a water gun game.

baby-simbaWe stopped for some PhotoPass pictures where Becky and I decided to have a good time with it.  Oh boy, did we ever…..  we then rode Everest together.  She got this oddest laugh during it, like she had been hit with some village idiot’s syndrome, and thankfully, I got it all on video!

View from Expedition Everest

View from Expedition Everest

Even the FastPass lane was long then, so it was to Studios and Toy Story Mania!

His wife must be so proud

His wife must be so proud

We also had done Muppets and showed Becky around some of the Star Wars sights.  Then it was off for Epcot!


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