Sophia did Biddity bobbity boutique

She picked Ariel, obviously.

arielI don’t know how she had the patience; I certainly was getting ansy, from the salon part, to this photo session, and then we went to meet Ariel and had their picture together.

My favorite part is the fact she has a little temp tattoo of the princesses.  You can just see it on her arm in the photo on the right.  I thought it gave her costume a unique quality: Ariel with a tat!

It did take up a lot of the day, so after meeting Ariel, I had to head out for the airport.

We deliberately didn’t say anything to Sophia about me leaving until it was time to go.   She told me it made her sad that I was leaving, and then got quiet, just holding my hand.

We dropped her and Adam off at the hotel.  When I said goodbye, she hugged me tight and couldn’t talk.

I can still feel that hug and her little hand in mine all the times she grabbed it and called out, “I ride with Auntie Erin!”

A little Ariel is escorted by her Daddy

A little Ariel is escorted by her Daddy


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