New York City survived my family!

It even survived me singing You say it’s your birthday by the Beatles’ on the steps of the Lincoln Center.

My aunt and I at the Lincoln Center

My aunt and I at the Lincoln Center

We took the train into the city, each of us coming in at different stations, and finding the others.  Cathi, as a joke, said we would wear a single red rose so they’d recognize us.  She gave me one and everybody cracked up that we actually did it.  All of my sisters came on this trip except for Mary.

We met this great group of women who got on when we did; they were going shopping for the day in NYC.  We even ran into them on the train going home.

My friend Laura sent me a treasure chest of Disneyland goodies, including a pin that said it was my birthday.  I wore it on Saturday, and not only did people wish me happy birthday (I forgot I had the pin on and would be so surprised when people knew until I remembered the button), but a waiter, obviously trying to get into opera, sang in Italian to me at dinner with everyone stopping to listen.  AND!  When I saw a pewter figurine from Wicked for sale, the artist knocked money off the price for my birthday. (Terry, Cathi, and Gerry bought it for me.)

My niece, Jennifer, was supposed to go but couldn’t get off from her second job.  My aunt decided she’d rather give the ticket away for free rather than it go unused.  We announced to the cafe where we had lunch that we were giving it away, and met this wonderful woman Sandra.  She couldn’t believe her good luck, but I assured her we were telling the truth and just made her day.

DeeDee (our nickname for our aunt) picked South Pacific because she saw it when it first ever opened and starred Mary Martin.  She heard good things about this revival, and I have to agree: this isn’t a favorite of mine but I really enjoyed what they did with the production, modernizing it while keeping the themes alive.  I could still do without singing about are we in love, yes we are, no we’re not every minute.  I preferred the other numbers.

The musical is based on James Michener’s book, Tales from the South Pacific, from his service there in WWII.  This revival started with a scrim that filled the entire stage and looked like a page of the book with the first 5 paragraphs.  The end of the show had the last page.  Since my family are also Micheners, and my grandmother (Marion Michener) was good friends with Jim Michener, we were especially glad to see they did this.

I forgot how it dealt with race relations, with how Americans or other whites were pushed out of our society if they married the non-white Polynesians.  It struck a real chord with me since James Michener himself went through this prejudice with his Asian wife, and I’ve met Chinese and other Asians who have to go through this too.

The book was on sale around the theater; I wanted a family picture with it, but we lost Terry in the crowd, so I got a quick photo with it and then we did the group outside with our Playbills.

From left to right: Terry, Cheryl, me, Gerry, DeeDee, and Cathi

From left to right: Terry, Cheryl, me, Gerry, DeeDee, and Cathi

We had dinner at Cafe Fiorello’s across from the theater.  Very nice place and that’s where the waiter sang to me.

Of course, you can see, Cathi doesn’t have the date set right on her camera!

So nice day!  Our aunt was so extraordinarily generous to do this for us.


2 responses to “New York City survived my family!

  1. Wow. Those are great pictures and it sounds like you have a wonderful time. I love that you forgot you had on the pin and were gushing when people noticed your birthday. (That is so you.)

  2. Glad you had a nice birthday in the Big Apple.. Love the pictures…

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