Men’s brains and Women’s brains: totally different critters

It’s not gender bashing in either direction.  It’s just the truth, whether it’s because women get 2 xx’s while a guy mixes it up with an xy combo when it all begins, or whether it’s societies roles teaching us before we decide for ourselves how to think and feel…. I dunno.  I just know there’s a difference.

And it can be VERY funny!  As this guy shows us.  I never heard of Mark Gungor before, but I wish I had!  In fact, while some people may be turned off by the commercial for the DVD on this clip, I ran to check it out because it made me want to see more.  Unfortunately, it timed out.  Maybe this clip is circulating quite a bit (I originally got it in email) and is taxing the servers.  I just hope the site becomes available again because I want more!

I nodded in agreement as much as I laughed!  I can’t tell you how many times John and I have had these discussions:

  1. If I bring up something from before: “How can you remember that, Erin?! It was 10 years ago!”
  2. If I discuss something that I think is related to the subject:  “We’re not talking about that, Erin.  We’re talking about this.  They’re not connected!” at which point I point out how they are.
  3. And when I ask John what he’s thinking about and he answers, “Nothing.”, I think that’s my “Nothing”, meaning, “Please ask me to tell you what I’m thinking.  I need the nudging.”  But he just says more emphatically, “I said nothing.”  To which I reply, “How can you think about NOTHING?” Now I know.

Really funny.  And you got to love that he crosses himself before discussing women’s minds. 


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