Rough day? Time to look at photos!

A friend got me a digital photo frame for my birthday.   I really enjoy seeing the different photos go by, especially as it’s made me go through the last few years and pick out some.  I haven’t looked at some of these in a long time.

Like this great one of my friend Kim D from our Girls Gone Wild weekend at WDW in August, 2003.  (Kim can you believe this was six years ago?!!)

Kim at Orlando airport

Kim at Orlando airport

That’s such a great picture of her!  We had just landed in Orlando after a very long delay and we were so psyched to finally arrive and tackle our whirlwind weekend.  I wish I had the pictures of us with the alligator/dragon statues outside Keystone Clothier where we laid like victims inside their mouths.  What I really wish I had was the guy’s face as he came out of the store and saw us sprawled in their jaws!

I do have this one of me playing Rebel victim of the AT-AT walker:

Oh no!!

Help me, ObiWan! You are my only hope of not getting squished!!

I have lots of John, of course.  Great ones of him being on vacation or just on a day trip, laughing and smiling.  Here’s one at Smithville, NJ with someone playing that very popular game show: What kind of dog is that? (About Morgan)

It's not nice to point, sir.

It's not nice to point, sir.

And this one of John being contemplative:

The Thinker

The Thinker

Probably thinking about how he can get the camera away from me.

I have action shots, like this one of me kicking butt with Kim Possible:



THIS one was an absolutely must-have!

Greetings from our house to yours!

Greetings from our house to yours!

Lots of both families — holidays, Ann’s wedding, trips, and just getting together:

Yo, dawg!

Yo, dawg!

Pictures of Sophia, from theater, and more of our friends, including friends we made online and finally got to see face to face:

John, Deb, and I: July 19, 2007

John, Deb, and I: July 19, 2007

I think I’ll go through the photo CDs, see what else I can find, and maybe scan a few of from the albums.  But I’ll leave you with this image:

Dont you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?


3 responses to “Rough day? Time to look at photos!

  1. omigosh!!! We seriously need to do that again. It’s been too long and it was too much fun.

    (jeebus..look at my skinny arm!)

    I also know the story behind my laughingly holding up my phone like that, but that’s probably best left for an email and not a blog comment!

  2. That was so much fun! Remember, we started our Stupid Guest pin series including Baby’s First Bar Hop because of the woman on our bus who dragged her kid around PI until 2am!

    I also remember you holding out our room phone as “Mickey” called and you saying, “It’s for you!” LOL!!

  3. I am “Mickey”

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