I joined Weight Watchers today.

I had to do something.  I’ve put on so much weight and for a year and a half, if not longer, I said I would lose it.  Instead, I keep putting on more.  So many of my clothes don’t fit and the few that do look terrible because of the weight and fat/inches.

I needed to do something that would make me stay on target; spending even this little bit of money and knowing I’m held accountable each week is a great start.  Hopefully, I will get my will power kick started again.

I once lost 40 pounds and looked fantastic.  I made myself a promise that I would never return to that person that I was.  But I did.  It doesn’t matter why, what’s important is that I did this again to myself.  I don’t feel good, not in my self-image or in health.

Now, I am climbing back on a path of treating myself better: eating better and working out again.  Not being lazy or letting my activities interfere – using them as excuses of why I can’t do it right now.  My mom had kids and a husband at home, worked full time, was a Scout leader with a full schedule, and did other things too, but she got on Weight Watchers when I was a kid and lost her weight.   If she can do it with all the things in her life, I can too.  My dad supported her in it and in later years, I would.  It makes a difference; even so, it has to start in your own head.

I have to say that I’ve unofficially joined Weight Watchers.  The woman who handles our group at work has put me off for 3 weeks now.  At first, she had all her paperwork put away and asked me to come back after the holiday weekend.  Today, she was out because of a death in the family and the other person forgot I was joining, so she didn’t have the right paperwork.  I insisted on being weighed anyway so I can get going instead of saying “soon, soon, I’ll do something soon….”

I have to lose 25 pounds. And as the first hurdle, someone brought Munchkins to the office.   Plus, I have a Christening party on Sunday, a birthday get together next week…

So here I go.  Already wavering, but already sticking to it.

“Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night!”


5 responses to “I joined Weight Watchers today.

  1. Well, good luck! Hopefully, those extra pounds come off. Remember to avoid the temptations!


  2. Weight Watchers is an excellent program! Good Luck. Losing weight is a lifestyle change that takes time, so be patient and slowly you will see the weight come off.


  3. I haven’t joined Weight Watchers. But plan to. Next week. Maybe.

    I’m not sure how sitting with a bunch of other chunky people is going to motivate me but I know statistically people succeed on the program.

    I do know how many points I can have daily, and I do good during the week, but I blow it on the weekends.

    Please continue to post your progress and the best of luck to you!!!

  4. I am going to do it with you! I meant to tell you that last night.

  5. I’m doing it too, Erin — online, not with real meetings.

    Lost 10 pounds earlier this year, need to lose at least 10 more to feel more like myself. More would be better, but I’ll start there.

    Good luck to you!

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