All Ears.Net: menus update

All Ears.Net received a very nice compliment from Touring  What makes it even better is they didn’t say they were going to write this or even contact AEN or Deb Wills that they did it:

Title:  Disney’s New Online Dining Reservation System: Launch Day Wrap Up

Disney is now offering full color menus for each of the restaurants and its sittings in PDF format. [snip]  While this is long overdue, it remains to be seen whether or not Disney will keep their menus updated and accurate as well as AllEars.Net, which is an amazing resource for WDW menus and has been so for years.

Way to go, team!  And thanks to Touring Plans for such a nice compliment!

It makes a great segue for my post.  All Ears.Net is doing a MAJOR update on the menus.  Team members have been focusing on updates this year, but when we noticed a number of older menus, All Ears’ Jack Spence started commando strikes, sweeping through parks  and resorts to get every menu he can.  The site even has new menus posted.  He’s finished Disney’s Hollywood Studios and is in the middle of Animal Kingdom.  In fact, keeping up with him is a full time job! Studios’ menus will hopefully be done today .

All Ears’ readers deserve a thank yous for menu updates too!  All this work especially helps because Disney doesn’t cover the counter or quick service places, not to mention what’s a favorite menu or menu item for one is different from one guest or another.  For example,  one of my favorites is the egg roll cart in Adventureland while other people don’t notice it.  A reader asked about the Refreshment quick service at Fantasmic, while I didn’t know it was there.  Someone just asked where can they get their favorite Jalapeno Stuffed Pretzels (answer: Harambe Market in Animal Kingdom).

If you’re an All Ears reader and would like to send in a menu, you can snap a picture and send it as an attachment, write it down, or ask for a take-home copy and:

Please send menu images, additions and changes to
Or snail mail them to: AllEars
3520 Sugarloaf Parkway
Suite F03-105
Frederick, MD 21704

Let me give a quick mention that reviews also help; one reader reported asking for a certain dessert because of the rave reviews she read on All Ears.

So thank you to All Ears’ Jack Spence, Barrie Brewer,  and Laura Gilbreath (who handles all of Disneyland) for this latest menu gathering, not to mention Deb Koma and Deb Wills who have to post everything, and Cathy Bock for a great job on managing the reviews section.  And to all the fantastic readers: not only do you help out, but without all of you, All Ears.Net wouldn’t exist.  To quote two gentlemen: Thank you for support.

Okay, mutual admiration fest is over.   Go check out the menus and keep an eye out for all the updates!


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