The dog just brought me a “present”.

If you have dogs or cats, you know what that means: something dead.  Elphie killed a mole and presented it to me.

Of course, you have to be excited; they think it’s the greatest thing EVER!  So I always say, on the few times I’ve been through this, “Thank you!  You are a mighty huntress!” That always puts a bounce in their step and an arch of pride in their spine.

Then, when they walk away, I shudder, think EWWWW!, and clean up my “gift”.  Plus, a little “Sorry they crossed your path” to the little guy who died so I may be shown that I am loved.h

When Elphie was about a year old, she gave me a “gift”: the largest/scariest bug I’ve seen.  Have you ever seen the Mummy movies?  Those beetle things that crawled under people’s skin?  That’s what it looked like!

My back was to her as I talked to my mom on the phone.  I heard her little wuff and turned around.  She was so happy, she wiggled all over as she dropped the Egyptian soul sucker at my feet.  I actually yelled at the sight of it.  Mom freaked: “Are you okay?!  Do you need me to call the police?!!”

I gave a hasty explanation to Mom, thanked Elphie and praised her hunting prowess — hey, NO ONE in those Mummy movies killed one of those things barehanded, but my dog did! — and then told Mom what was now dead and still GROSS at my feet.

I was calmer about the mole.  I’ve been through moles before. 😉


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