Ding dong: Avon calling with a couple guys named Vinnie

I got to rant this morning.  Don’t roll your eyes, the name of the blog is laughs and RANTS after all.

I’ll try to keep this to the facts in a calm presentation, because it could be I’m not being told something that makes sense of this whole thing.  But if you know me, you know this is me inside:

Outer me who was a part of Toastmasters:

Inner child:

I sell Avon to bring in a little more money for bills and vacation.  I had to return things from the last order: one customer didn’t want a few of the items, and one customer totally stiffed me.  They had ordered a lot of things: $500 worth.

Avon, however, is only crediting half of the amount for both sets of returns.  They claim this is valid because “credits are calculated on your account, not on customers’ orders”.   They want $277 from me for the returned products. Since these products didn’t sell and I’m not keeping them, I don’t see why I should pay for them.  Basically, I have nothing – no money and no products — and for that, I’m supposed to pay $277.

I refused to pay it, showing Avon my records, but did pay for everything else.  Each time I discuss this, I get a new person who just checks the balance and says I owe $277.  When I point out that they’re not crediting for a full return, they just keep repeating that the partial credit is correct.

Meanwhile, they refuse to ship my customers’ orders which are now 3 weeks late.  They state they will not ship anything until my bill is paid in full.

I honestly don’t know what to do.  I cannot see paying money for something that they have — the products which they can sell to someone else — and I don’t.

I just got another email from them, stating they’re right.  This is a nightmare.

One response to “Ding dong: Avon calling with a couple guys named Vinnie

  1. That makes no sense whatsoever. Why would Avon want you to pay for items you returned to them? It’s simply doesn’t add up.

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