Time for Magic and Make A Wish!

John and I are leaving tonight for a long weekend.  It’s time for the annual Magic Meets!  It’s where a bunch of Disney geeks get together and have a good time. 

To the outsider, that would pretty much describe the whole thing.  But to those attending, it’s about a lot more.

It is a time when people who are friends long distance get to see each other face to face again.  It is about fans who enjoy Disney parks discussing industry tidbits… like:  did you know Chef Cat Cora — of the Food Network, Iron Chef, and more — announced the Grand Opening of her new restaurant . Kouzzina in September on the Boardwalk?  It’s big buzz for the foodies.

I’ll be there because as one of the  lucky people on Deb Wills’ All Ears.Net team.  Deb is giving a workshop on Adventures by Disney,  who provide guides trips around the world, from African safari to nights in Paris.  Other workshops include how to save money on your trips (Disney is offering free dining plans right now through December), photography lessons, to relocating your family out of state.

One of the biggest and certainly most important thing about this weekend:  we raise thousands of dollars for the Make A Wish foundation. Last year, Lou Mongella’s Dream Team Project, through their silent auction, raised $20,000!  This year, not only is there another auction, but other sponsors are offering items with the money all going to Make A Wish, including All Ears.  The whole thing will be broadcasted on the web with people around the world chiming in and contributing to the fund raising.  We have a friend in Japan, Masayo, who has already said she’ll be one of those people even if it’s the middle of the night for her.

I’ll be blogging during the weekend, which also goes to Twitter and Facebook.  If none of the Disney stuff interests you, you might want to check back on Friday night, because that’s when a bunch of us are going out for–


With a visit to Hershey Park on Sunday!  Chocolate, Baby!


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