Birth of a Mickey lamp!

This post has everything!  Men!  Doing Manly Things!  With Power Tools!

Actually, this is the second time this had to be done since the first time, as our friend Gary said, “the rodent got his head smashed”.  So it’s actually a Born Again Mickey Lamp.

Mickey lamps got popular at campgrounds a few years ago when someone figured out how to make one for their site in the Fort Wilderness campground.   It immediately got all the other guests attention, but instead of keeping the trick to themselves and being all “seagull” about it, they told 2 friends and they told 2 friends…

… meaning they posted it on the web in Fort Wilderness forums.

Last year, Gary told us how he built one for he and his wife, Carol.   As he mentioned things like wattages and something-or-other clamps and globes, we begged him not to let us set ourselves on fire when we hooked something up wrong, and instead build it for us.   He nicely agreed.

He gave it to us last December; it looked so fantastic!  We decorated it with garland — it was beautiful!  And then breeze — timber! — smashed Mickey.

John said we’d fix it.   Oh, wait, he might have been serious about that.  Oh well…

… we were soon begging Gary again…. … and he said yes!  Again!   We couldn’t believe it either.

So now we’re up to date!  And so we begin….

Unpacking the pieces

Unpacking the pieces

Gary even nicely gave the technical names.  The piece above is called a “plug”.

John adds a subtle piece of Fort Wilderness advertising.

One Mouse head: check!

One Mouse head: check!

Time for manly actions!

Men using tools: check!

Men using tools: check!

I asked Gary if he drank all the case of vodka so he could have the box.  He muttered something about no, since he swore off vodka following an incident with the Orange County, Florida police department when he was 17.  You know, that’s got to be a great story.

Sooner or later, someone has to ask: What the hayle is that?

Sooner or later, someone has to ask: "What the hayle is that?"

Things progress nicely:

This should work.  I saw it on This Ol Mouse.

"This should work. I saw it on This Ol' Mouse."

John then took a moment to let me know, quietly, how much he loves me:

I love you too, honey.

I love you too, honey.

Now, you can’t do such sensitive work without some sort of protection, even if you think you can.  John and Gary thought they could, but saner minds prevailed.  Which is why Zoe took it upon herself to guard us from the rear:

The Few, The Proud, The Guard Dogs

The Few, The Proud, The Guard Dogs

And Elphie guarded the front:

Judge me not by my size

Judge me not by my size

Gary and Carol’s other dog, Zac,  took the heavy responsibility of relaxing and then going inside to enjoy the air conditioning.  Which is what Morgan and Casey were doing.



Meanwhile, I promised you power tools:

If this doesnt work, well get out the duct tape.

"If this doesn't work, we'll get out the duct tape."


(…after I bought a lightbulb and put the pole and head together when we got home….)


I put the bulb in all by myself!  BEAMING PROUDLY!

I put the bulb in all by myself! BEAMING PROUDLY!

Like I said in the beginning, these lamps rule the campgrounds, but Gary spread the joy around to more of our friends who plan to use them in their outdoor decorations.  So we can’t gloat everyone gets a piece of the magic!

Right now, ours is shining outside, like a beacon to Narnia!  And I didn’t even think about the fact that our neighbor across the street is a big Fort Wilderness fan, frequently going there, and can see our lamp from their house. Okay, maybe I thought about it a teeny bit… …which is why the spirit of Walt Disney made Mickey’s  ears go out.  But it’s fine now.  I shouldn’t screw with those neighbors anyway; she’s my doctor.  Never tick off your doctor. 

We did ask Gary if he’d make us a third one if we broke this lamp post too.  He said:

Just kidding, Gar!

If you would like to make your own lamp or have a friend who will it for you, please read How to make a Micky Lamp Post.  Good luck!


12 responses to “Birth of a Mickey lamp!

  1. That is great Erin, what a fun read. The best part was they were able to do all that work and not once was I asked for the first aid kit!

    well done!

  2. Great read, Erin. Lots of hard, manly work was accomplished. But…which is better – the project or the article???
    (Note to self and others: John is available to translate for those who require an interpreter who knows sign language. He is apparently a trained professional! :-))

  3. No first aid kit, Carol, but a certain someone did wake you up as he rummaged around for bolts or something. 🙂

  4. Very cute!

  5. WOW!

    Is this my 15 minutes of fame?

  6. Did you hear that sound?

    Did you hear it?

    That was the sound of the warranty expiring on your Mickey lamp!

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  8. Just left Fort Wilderness and these lamps are all over. Where did you get the parts as I have been instructed by my wife I must build one

    • Hi, JR!

      I finally posted the lamp instructions this week, in case you didn’t see them. You can read them here on the blog under the post: How to make a Mickey Lamp Post.

      Thanks for your comment!

  9. Would love to have the plans for this lamp!

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